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To further the interest and objectives of its members through the Indiana State Legislature. To provide services designed to meet the needs of its members. The Association was organized in Hamilton County, December 29, 1937.

10 Things School Bus Drivers Wish Parents Would Teach Their Children:

  1. No loud talking / screaming on the bus.
  2. Stay seated until the bus comes to a full stop.
  3. Keep hands to yourself. No horseplay.
  4. No eating on the bus.
  5. Be on time for your bus stop.
  6. Cross in front of the bus.
  7. Do not stand in the aisles.
  8. Pay attention when loading/unloading the bus.
  9. Communicate with the driver.
  10. Be responsible. Follow the driver's directions.


2021 Scholarship Recipients

     Beletu Stout

Beletu Stout currently attends Manchester High school. Stout will attend Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, and study Physical Therapy.

    Andrew Ice

Andrew currently attends Princeton High School and will be attending Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana.